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Scholastic Expeditions
Introducing the SE brand of experiential learning online! Due to the current global limitations on travel, SE has responded by developing unique, fascinating and impactful virtual learning opportunities found nowhere else. SE online programs give students around the globe unprecedented access to the very best educators in technology, medicine, wellness, ecology and public policy. SE online programs aim to provide a multidimensional learning experience even within the limiting parameters of an online platform. Check back often as we will be launching several new adult and youth online learning programs weekly!

Adult Masterclass Series: Mobility and Movement Forever! with Dr. Marcus Rein (PhD Physical Therapy)

Welcome to SE’s premier adult online learning class! This unique workshop was developed for any person that wishes to maintain their physicality, mobility and strength well into the golden years! Many of us become aware of changes in our movement as we age. Perhaps you’ve noticed you often have pain after a game of basketball,…
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