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All our program destinations are chosen to provide a holistic learning experience. Our core philosophy is conceptual knowledge through practical demonstration. Each SE location is staunchly researched to ensure informative and unique instruction.


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Interdisciplinary in nature, big picture in thought, and ambitious in scope. Our community focused programs are for the students that wish to innovate socially, create change and make a difference in the world.


Our conservation, biodiversity and climate change programs provide students the rich and rewarding experience of doing field work that matters while engaging in the defining issues of our time. These programs are wonderfully suited to bring together the natural and social sciences, working to effect positive outcomes in our vastly...


Whether medicine, technology, or the performing arts, our skillfully designed programs put students in direct contact with excellence in their field. Engage with local students and innovators, immerse yourself in experiential learning at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Be challenged, connect with others, and grow into...

SE Online

Introducing the SE brand of experiential learning online! Due to the current global limitations on travel, SE has responded by developing unique, fascinating and impactful virtual learning opportunities found nowhere else. SE online programs give students around the globe unprecedented access to the very best educators in technology, medicine, wellness,...