Scholastic Expeditions is at the forefront of education, the four-wall classroom is a thing of the past. Through our programs, students engage in active learning and hone skills in the field alongside distinguished professionals, dedicated educators, and like-minded peers.

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Manas is a 20-year-old, third year medical student at Santosh Medical College, located in Ghaziabad, India. In 2018, he and a group of peers traveled to the Bay Area for Scholastic Expeditions’ Innovation in Medicine Program. After completing the program, Manas says that his perspective about the field has changed through witnessing current medical advancements first-hand. He says that his time with SE has made him realize that going abroad for studies is not only good for your academics but also helps in developing your personality and your attitude towards life. Let's wish Manas luck in his upcoming post-graduate medical entrance exams!


Interdisciplinary in nature, big picture in thought, and ambitious in scope. These programs are for the students that wish to innovate socially, create change and make a difference in their world.

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Learn innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership in the thriving hubs of the San Francisco Bay Area and New England Boston Region.

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Providing students the rich and rewarding experience of doing field work that matters.

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Future Heroines of Healthcare

Future Heroines of Health Care Harvard/MIT July 21st-28th
Ages: 14-18
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Discover your passion, pique your curiosity, fuel your imagination, and engage critical thinking.

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In today's globalized world, safety and security are at the forefront of all SE decisions. From program location, to design components, and content providers. Safety and security for our students continues to be an integral part of all of SE programs and operation decisions.


Joining an SE program is only the first step to becoming part of our thriving network of educators, students, and professionals. Stay connected to the SE network by taking part in alumni events and keeping up with the latest initiatives and programs through our many outreach channels.


Learn innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership outside the classroom. Our programs are not only academically rigorous but provide students the skills to be collaborative, communicative and competitive in an increasingly globalized world.


Uniquely providing an unequivocal chance to meet and work with the top researchers, scientists and social entrepreneurs in their fields. Becoming inspired by the best and empowered to be the best. Gaining hands-on, real-life experience that is transferable no matter which field you may enter in the future.