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Scholastic Expeditions is a one-of-a-kind, immersive, educational travel experience leading you toward a lifelong learning adventure. Listen to what past travelers are saying…


The Workshop helped me to identify and explore my own personal inclinations and abilities

It was truly an enriching experience. At the end of the program, I found myself more aware and empowered- both culturally and professionally

This program has given me an edge by making me more mindful of my abilities and by allowing me a chance to explore various avenues in medicine.

I think the program had a great blend of fun and educational opportunities.

I made a lot of new friends on my trip!
~ Carlos

I got to meet amazing people, make connections and build rapports

I made such good memories on this trip!

There really was no best part for me because all of it was just simply stunning!

Snorkeling was my favorite part! I got to see real kelp forests in nature versus in an aquarium and it was really awesome.

My students and I had a great time.

We had so many amazing experiences, including butterfly gardens, organic farming, mangrove research, zip-lining, river rafting, an animal rescue center and surfing.

It was comforting to know my daughter was in excellent hands.

SE Edge

The SE Edge

Educational excursions go beyond just sightseeing. At SE we customize programs that amplify classroom learning and differentiate students for successful college endeavors and future careers.

Experiential Learning

Defined as “learning through reflection on doing,” our programs offer students the advantage of working hands-on on interactive activities that are proven to help retain their experiences. Our curriculums are tailor-made to enable optimal learning environments and outcomes. We focus on how these educational adventures positively impact each student, both academically and personally.

Cultural Immersion

SE strongly encourages students to become active participants in the cultures of their program destination. Studying and embracing their new surroundings ensures that students will be primed for global applications in their future careers. From sightseeing and working with our local guides and instructors to casual conversations with native street vendors, we fortify each trip with new and exciting cultural experiences.


In today’s globalized world, safety and security are at the forefront of all company decisions. SE does extensive research when determining program locations, design components, and content providers. Every trip is accompanied by a seasoned SE chaperone to ensure the safety and security of students at all times.

Industry Leaders

SE works with leading universities and research centers including Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Santa Barbara, Harvard and MIT, and influential companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Intel, to name a few.


The true value of SE curated experiences is not the price tag on our all-inclusive excursions but the experiences gleaned from our participants. Students are exposed to acclaimed professors and researchers at world-renowned universities and companies. They receive help building resumes with critical differentiation and invaluable advice on how to stand out when applying for colleges and jobs. Students get to meet and engage with leaders from universities and industries that will inspire and motivate them to achieve new heights. Our workshops, guided by these leading practitioners, empower students, teaching them to harness their creativity and critical thinking skills.


How do I know which is the right program to start with?

Explore our programs or contact us so we can further discuss your goals and interests to find the best match

How physically demanding are the programs?

The majority of our programs take place outdoors in nature and are active. Good physical health is a requirement. Certain special needs may be accommodated please reach out directly and ask

Do I need any travel vaccinations?

Depending on program specific location we’ll have up-to-date vaccination list provided for you. Most locations do not require any additional vaccinations

Are there opportunities for me to earn community service points/hours on these programs?

Yes! several of our programs have a community service component that will fulfill community service requirements

What should I pack for the trip?

Once you are registered a detailed packing list that is program specific will be available to you on your resource page