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Sea Turtles, Dolphins & Whales


On this marine biology excursion, live like a scientist while exploring the Osa Peninsula and other hidden gems of Costa Rica! Surrounded by beaches, mangroves and estuaries, this region creates unique habitats for both permanent and migratory species. Students will join researchers working on current sea turtle, dolphin, and whale conservation projects and collect data to help with rehabilitation and rescue efforts. Since mangroves play an essential role in coastal ecosystems and the preservation of these species, students will also participate in the Mangrove Reforestation Project to improve water quality and support a healthy habitat. To wrap up your program, enjoy zip lining, white water rafting, sea kayaking or surfing in the beautiful warm waters of this spectacular country!

Program Date
Jun 2nd - Jun 10th 2021 9 Days
Jul 16th - Jul 24th 2021 9 Days
Jun 22nd - Jun 30th 2021 9 Days
Aug 3rd - Aug 11th 2021 9 Days
Jul 20th - Jul 28th 2021 9 Days
Jun 6th - Jun 14th 2023 9 Days
Costa Rica Program (Student) $3650
Costa Rica Program (Adult Chaperone) $3850

Itinerary (Sample Itinerary)

  • Arrive at San Jose International Airport in the late morning
  • Group is met by Scholastic Expeditions upon arrival
  • Lunch
  • Transfer to Osa Peninsula / Golfo Dulce
  • Sea Turtle Ocean Survey Talk
  • ALL DAY: Hands-on sea turtle research that supports ongoing conservation efforts in the Osa Peninsula
  • Volunteer: Mangrove reforestation
  • Transfer to Centro de Investigación de Cetáceos Research Center
  • Morning: Dolphin research from a boat at the Centro de Investigación de Cetáceos
  • Afternoon group presentations on findings
  • Frog discovery night walk
  • Transfer to Playa Tortuga Research Center
  • Crocodile, Mammal, and Endangered Species Research Presentation
  • Playa Tortuga Sea Turtle Activity
  • Playa Tortuga community service; beach clean-up and work with local community
  • Swim and Snorkel
  • Manuel Antonio National Park Hike
  • Enjoy a surf lesson in the warm waters of Costa Rica
  • Rainmaker Plantation - Trek through exotic forests full of wildlife and waterfalls
  • Zip Line through the Cloud forest
  • Transfer back to San Jose
  • Farewell Dinner
  • San Jose City + Market Tour
  • Flight Home

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