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Future Heroines of Healthcare


Introducing the very first Future Heroines of Health Care program! This exciting, new program builds upon the three standard components shared by all SE Innovation programs, (Academia, Industry, and Culture) but with a focus on the following topics:

  • the dynamic history of woman in health care
  • current global health care issues facing women and girls,
  • skill sets and tools needed to create and maintain positive social impact
  • Future trends affecting health care and relevant changing demographics

Best of all, this unique program features distinguished female faculty, comprised of leading scientists, researchers, and industry influencers who will generously share their expertise and talent with these enthusiastic young students. Students who attend this program can expect to gain an unparalleled, up-close look at the field of medicine, which will give them valuable insights that will directly benefit their future careers. This program is dynamic, interdisciplinary in nature, and multi-dimensional in scope. We expect our attending students will be a diverse, brilliant, and engaged group of young women with a strong desire to explore, learn and grow. As always, what students take away from these programs is hard to quantify, but participants can be assured they will leave with new friends and a robust network of people who believe in them and are invested in their success.

For information on what to expect on this program, please see our program FAQs. If you wish to know more, please contact the SE team directly by phone or email.

Dr Jennie Przybylo
SE Educator in Residence
Harvard-Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency
Massachusetts General Hospital / Brigham & Women's Hospital
Stanford School of Medicine
Co-Author, "Do Good Well: Your Guide to Leadership, Action, and Social Innovation"

Time and again, my career has shown me the strength, power, and potential of women in medicine. And now that women comprise the majority of students entering medical schools in the United States, there has never been a better time to be a woman in medicine. As such, it is both our duty and our great privilege to shape the future of health care, not only in the United States, but the world over. By providing an unprecedented opportunity for bright, young women to explore the field of medicine - from the thrill of saving a life as a trauma surgeon, to the joy of developing a product that revolutionizes the way people access health care - Scholastic Expeditions is nurturing the next generation of female doctors; a generation that will no doubt make its mark in clinics, labs, and board rooms across the world.

Dr Sharmila Anand
Founder & MD Inspera
Cofounder - Parentteening
First Heroine of Health from India
See movie:

As the First Heroine of Health from India, it is indeed a humbling moment for me to be sharing my experience with the future Heroines of Health. Our world needs more empowered, women leaders especially in Global Health. Hence it is time we facilitate the growth of these young leaders without any boundaries or barriers so they may make a significant social impact finding Global Solutions to Local problems.

Susan Schai
Founder/CEO Scholastic Expeditions
Director SE Scholarship Fund

As the Founder and CEO of SE, I am thrilled to announce our first ever Heroines in Health Care Program at Harvard and MIT! This program offers access to brilliant influencers in medicine for 20 bright, young women hoping to pursue careers in Public Health. We have an outstanding lineup of faculty and speakers committed to providing the tools to aid in our Heroines’ lasting success. I am honored to work with champions of experiential education like Dr. Jennifer Przybylo and Dr. Sharmila Anand, who have dedicated their careers to lasting academic engagement and global citizenship. We can’t wait to support all the amazing students who will join us on this groundbreaking, academic adventure.


Ages: 14-18
Application Deadline June 6th, 2019
20 Students Max

What to Expect:

Application Process:

Step 1: register on the website. Once the SE team receives your registration they will contact you with the application. The application is fairly straightforward and is, in no way, meant to be intimidating. SE wants to be sure that the quality of candidates is more than academic aptitude. We want participants to share an intellectually curious mindset with an attitude of appreciation for the professors, researchers and other experts working directly with students in amazing places of learning and exploration.

Step 2: Should your application be accepted, your registration will be official and payment for the program will be due.

Step 3: SE team will send all information to students and parents to ensure a successful trip. This includes packing list, detailed itinerary, contact information of guides, accommodations etc.

Congratulations! We can’t wait to meet you in Boston! Get ready for an amazing learning adventure that will continue to impact you long after you’ve gone home!

Arrival in Boston:
Team SE will be able to meet all participant between 10-3 at Boston’s Logan International Airport, or at the International Youth Hostel where we will be staying. Accepting any student arrivals outside this timeframe, may be possible but not recommended. Any deviation must be agreed to by SE well ahead of time. Parents dropping students off may say their goodbye but not stay with the group once the program commences.

Program Date
Jul 21st - Jul 28th 2020 8 Days
US Students (Student) $3750
International Students (Student) $4945

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