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Innovation in Media


Southern California and the greater Los Angeles area is well known for its pioneering influence in the entertainment industry. This program offers the unique opportunity for students interested in film, entertainment and media to learn from some of the most respected professors and professionals in the field. Expand your knowledge in how to create your own media through platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Create your own body of work and enhance your skills to amplify your own creative projects. In addition to visiting and touring the campuses of UCLA and the University of Southern California, students will take part in writing, acting, producing and editing workshops. Students will also visit and engage with computer graphic specialists, animators and other technology professionals at leading CGI companies. Attention will also be given to the process of funding and then monetizing media projects as well as creating meaningful social impact with media. As media and the consumption of information is very different today than even a few years ago, educating youth on media literacy is also of growing concern in our society. Discussions on this important societal change aimed at recognizing the various forms of news, advertisements and propaganda will be highlighted as well.

Program Date
Jun 24th - Jul 3rd 2020 10 Days

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