Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

As nations and localities around the globe continue to face the challenges and uncertainty resulting from Covid-19, we must each do our part in slowing the spread of this novel virus. For this reason, and in keeping with CDC and WHO guidelines, Scholastic Expeditions has made the difficult decision of suspending all in-person program operations for the remainder of 2020. The health and safety of our customers and staff is SE’s top priority and we are committed to ensuring both when our trips resume in 2021. We remain in constant contact with our international and domestic partners and are working with them closely to develop Covid-safe protocols that will allow us to continue offering the programs we know and love. We, as well as our host countries and vendors, are optimistic about our ability to provide safe, top-tier learning opportunities even in the midst of this new, Covid reality. We do not anticipate any cancelations of our programs scheduled for summer 2021.

For further details on our program-specific Covid-19 responses, please visit the program pages linked below. If you have any questions or are interested in learning about some of SE’s new and exciting initiatives, feel free to contact us at .

All Programs Updated Cancellation Guarantee

Covid Risk Free Guarantee

All new registrations for SE Costa Rica programs will be eligible for Covid-related cancelations up to 45 days before travel. ALL PAYMENTS INCLUDING DEPOSIT ARE FULLY REFUNDABLE until 45 days prior to departure. Furthermore, all monies, less 15%, are fully refundable up to 30 days before travel.

NEW in 2021: Travelers insurance is now required for all participants and is included in the program base price. If travel cannot occur inside of 30 days due to Covid-19, affected travelers can opt to receive a voucher for future SE travel or invoke the insurance policy for a refund.

Costa Rica Covid-19 Updates:

Costa Rica was the first destination we chose for our beloved experiential learning programs. Although it’s hard to believe, SE has been sending students to discover and explore Costa Rica for nearly 10 years! A country made up of loving people, lively culture, natural wonders, and a staunch commitment to environmental education, Costa Rica is the perfect destination to awaken students’ minds. Postponing our 2020 programs to this breathtaking place was incredibly disappointing. However, as a country dependent on tourism, Costa Rica has carefully developed a reopening plan and begun to host international travelers once again.

To date, Costa Rica has implemented globally respected safety protocols and continues to monitor and adjust its policies as data and understanding evolves. It’s worth noting that Costa Rica has weathered the pandemic outbreak with more success than its Central American neighbors and has been praised for its progress in slowing Covid’s spread. Many factors have contributed to that success, but widespread accessibility to healthcare, as well as commitment to sound epidemiological principles in health policy, have kept the rates of infection low.

We invite you to revisit this page for updated links from news and official sources of the Costa Rican government. It is SE’s intent and expectation that our programs travel as expected, even if Covid remains a factor in 2021. It is our greatest hope that these concerns will be mitigated by the approval of a working vaccine and new therapeutic breakthroughs against the disease.