Amplify Your Classroom Experience!
Amplify Your Classroom Experience!
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Why Choose Scholastic Expeditions

Scholastic Expeditions (SE), an experiential learning company, offering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) experiential programs that amplify classroom learning.


The effectiveness of field experience in STEM education is widely recognized by educators, teachers and parents to be highly valuable to students in their college preparation and admissions process as well as fueling passion for future careers.  In addition, adults who are curious about our world and embrace continuous learning find educational travel enriching.




“To fuel expanding minds with a passion for culture, science, environmentalism, and global citizenship. Our aim is to foster a commitment to conservation and sustaining resources for future generations.”




  • Educate students utilizing an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach that emphasizes conservation, peace, and sustainable growth to address pressing global equity and economic issues.


  • Explore the nexus of culture and technology to understand and address complex social and environmental problems.


  • Encourage responsible choices with an awareness of how they may impact local communities, countries, and the planet.


  • Prepare students to think critically with a global perspective in an increasingly competitive and multi-cultural society.


  • Empower this generation and the next with the leadership skills to advocate for the health of the planet.