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Program Options for Earth Sci
- Visit Arenal Volcano.  Red eye flights visit Poas Volcano upon arrival.
- CR Geology (Volcanos and Tectonic Plates)
          CR located on Pacific Ring of Fire 
          Tectonic Plates (Cocos and Caribbean Plate)
- Soil Testing in Agricultural Fields
          EARTH University Region (Guapiles)(Banana/Pineapple)
          Fortuna (Organic Agriculture, Sugar Cane, other Agriculture Crops-Cassava, Papaya)
          Quepos (Manuel Antonio) (Palm Oil/Rice Fields)
          Monteverde (Coffee Plantations, both Standard Production/Organic Fields)
- Soil Testing in Pasture, Second Growth/Primary Forest in Tropical Dry Forest, Tropical Rain Forest, Premontane Tropical Forest, Cloud Forest, Mangrove Swamps
           Monteverde (Pastures, Cloud Forest)
           Tamarindo/Manuel Antonio (Mangrove Swamps)
           Tortuguero (Palm Forest/Freshwater Swamps)
- Soil Classification: Poor Soils vs Rich Soils (Volcanic Soils, Floodplains, Tropical Rain Forest Soils)
- Pacific Coast Geology (Rocky Shore)(Rocky Shore vs Reefs)(Black Sandy Beaches vs White Sandy Beaches)