The Scholastic Experience Value!
The Scholastic Experience Value!
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Why Your Child Should Participate

Why should you and your child travel with Scholastic Expeditions? Because when it comes to quality, no one else comes close!

Educational Excellence
Our trips offer a unique, unparalleled experience that is guaranteed to be one the highlights of your child’s life!

We are a full service company. Our pricing includes everything. There are no hidden fees or ‘optional’ extra costs. We only use the best vendors for your flights, hotels, transportation, meals, and guides, so you get the best value every time.

Safety and Security
When traveling with Scholastic Expeditions, your child’s safety is our #1 priority. To ensure this we have:

  • A 24 hour emergency hotline
  • Private security in each hotel
  • Local offices that can be contacted in case of emergency

Financial Peace of Mind
All monies paid toward the cost of a trip are deposited in an escrow account that can not be touched until after the trip culminates. This ensures with 100% certainty that if anything were to happen to Scholastic Expeditions prior to your trip occurring, that you would receive 100% of your monies back.