Additional Protection for Your Trips!
Additional Protection for Your Trips!
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Travel Protection

Scholastic Expeditions provides all travelers with a basic medical/dental/accidental insurance package. However, additional travel protection is suggested for all travelers, in case of unforeseen circumstances. Help protect your trip and your investment with a travel protection plan.


If you are unable to travel less than 90 days before your departure date, Scholastic Expeditions is unable to refund your trip cost. At that time, you would need to file a claim with Travel Insured Intl., if you purchased a travel protection plan.


For more information on cost and coverage, please download one of the info sheets below.


For student groups: Student Deluxe Plan


For family/adult groups: Group Deluxe Plan


We encourage all travelers to purchase a plan at the time of initial trip deposit. If you have any questions, please contact a Scholastic Expeditions representative at, or call 831-440-1041.