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Student Bloggers

Dear Students,


Scholastic Expeditions is looking to recruit one of you as the official blogger for your trip.



If you are chosen, your writings will be featured on the Scholastic Expeditions new official blog site, scholasticexpeditions.wordpress.com. You will also receive a free Scholastic Expeditions deluxe t-shirt and $75 cash.



Additionally, each year one blogger out of all the bloggers for every trip will be awarded “Best Blogger”, a title that comes with a bonus prize package.



Here are the requirements for a blogger:



  • You must submit a blog entry each day of your trip.

  • Each blog entry should be at least 300 words; bare minimum 150 words if pressed for time.

  • The subject of each entry should be how you spent that day while on the trip. It can be about activities, food, accommodations, what you learned, what you liked, etc.

  • Each entry should focus on the positive aspects of your experience with Scholastic Expeditions. (If there are things you dislike, we want to hear about that, too, but the blog is not the right place for it.)

  • You may also submit photos to accompany your blogs. This is not required but strongly recommended. If you don’t have the opportunity to upload your photos while traveling, you may submit photos to go with your blog entries once you return home.

  • As an alternative to writing, you may submit a video blog.

    • Video blogs must be no longer than 4 minutes total and must require little or no editing. When it comes to video blogging, shorter is better! Try to submit at least 2 minutes of interesting footage per day. This can be in one video or in a few separate, short videos.

    • Video blogs can be recorded using a student’s cell phone, or an Ipad Mini carried by one of our guides.




To submit your application for official blogger for your trip, please send an email to info@scholasticexpeditions.org with a writing sample of 250-350 words. This sample should reflect the style you will use to craft your blogs. You may write on any topic, just as long as you show us your enthusiasm and creativity.




Our chosen blogger will be announced a week prior to travel, so make sure your application is in before then! If you are selected, you will receive an email detailing where to send your blog entries and further instructions.



We look forward to your submissions!