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Scholastic Expeditions recognizes that these programs are of great value but not necessarily well within the reach of all household budgets. Parents ultimately bear the financial responsibility of paying for the program. However, in our experience, determined students can also help contribute funds toward the program cost. To that end, we're here to support motivated students and parents with suggestions on how to fundraise.


Fundraising Methods



Sponsorship Letter (Individual)


Writing a letter to friends, family, and your local community is a great way to start earning money towards the cost of a trip. Scholastic Expeditions provides template letters that students can personalize for maximum effect.


Try to mail the letter to at least forty people including family and friends, parent’s workplaces, businesses students or their families frequent, churches, and other clubs or groups. You can also email the letter or share it to social networks like Facebook.


People are more than happy to donate a small amount to a student who strives toward participating in a unique cultural and scientific travel experience. Students often raise more than $800 using this method. Small donations of $5, $10, $50 or more really add up.


Crowdsourcing/Crowdfunding (Individual)


Crowdsourcing is like writing a sponsorship letter except online, where you can reach a lot more people. You may have heard of crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter for businesses, but there are also smaller scale fundraising sites like GoFundMe where anyone can crowdsource for a cause. GoFundMe takes 10% off the top of every donation, so if you know someone is going to donate a lot, you might want to encourage them to mail a check instead.


Seasonal/Winter Holiday Fundraiser (Group)


Preparing well in advance of a summer trip has its advantages. During the winter break, gather some supporters for a gift-wrapping table.

Here's what you need:

  • Gift wrap – Wrapping paper, bows, gift bags, tissue paper, ribbon, etc.

  • Table and chairs

  • Sign – Make sure to get the attention of holiday shoppers!

  • A place to sell – Outside a high traffic store or mall is best. Ask permission before you set up!

  • Students willing to wrap gifts

This simple fundraiser requires a bit more of an investment, but provides plenty of returns for an entire group.


Other Community Sales and Events (Group)


Here are some more suggestions for group fundraisers:

  • Car wash

  • Bake sale – Sell breakfast pastries in the morning and/or snacks at lunchtime

  • School dance/concert/event – Perfect if the students are in a band

  • Raffle or silent auction – Encourage people to donate items to raffle or sell

  • Sports or video game tournaments

  • Presenting to local rotary groups, lions club members, firefighters, and police and receiving donations

  • Asking for donations via local media

  • Offering eco-friendly services – One year a school's biology department started composting, then sold worms and compost to their community!



Save a Little at a Time (Individual or Group)


As long as you start saving early enough, even small amounts can make a big difference toward your trip cost. These fundraiser types should be started well in advance of your trip, but when they're done last minute, they can still help you to gain extra money for spending on sodas, treats, and souvenirs while traveling.

  • Recycling – Collect recyclables from home and neighbors and deliver them to a recycling center. Glass bottles and California CRV items can earn you a few cents each, which really adds up over the course of a few months.

  • Keep the Change – Start a change jar at home with all the coins you and your family find in their pockets at the end of the day. At the end of six months, a family of four can save more than a hundred dollars this way. Encourage more people to contribute to save even more.


If you have a fun fundraising suggestion, send it our way. We're always looking for new ways to help our young travelers accomplish their dreams of scientific exploration!