Make Costa Rica Your Classroom
Make Costa Rica Your Classroom
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What airlines do we fly?
We fly all commercial carriers, but the predominant carriers we use are American Airlines and United Airlines. Whenever possible from your local airport, we schedule direct, non-stop flights.

What kind of identification is needed to fly and enter a foreign country?
For all participants traveling internationally, you must have a valid passport. If you do not have a passport, you will be denied entry. Below is a link to the state department to obtain or renew your passport.

How many people travel in a group?
For group sizes greater than 10, you are guaranteed your own personalized itinerary and travel accommodations. At most, you may share transportation with another group. For group sizes under 10, you will most likely be combined with another group.

What type of hotels do we stay at?
We use the best quality hotels available. Most of them are Costa Rican (Tico) run and are comparable to a Marriott or similar type hotel in the U.S. (3-4 star hotels).

How many students to a room? How many adults to a room?
Students stay double or triple occupancy so everyone is guaranteed their own bed. Adults are guaranteed double or single occupancy. Students may only room with other students of the same gender. Likewise for adults of the same gender. Exceptions can be made for members of the same family traveling together.

What are meals like?
All meals are typical Costa Rican fare. Your three daily meals will combine a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, rice, meat, and dairy to choose from. They all come with water and/or fruit juices. Sodas usually cost extra and are not included in the tour price.

What are our tour buses like?
The tour buses are very comfortable. They all have air conditioning, a microphone for your guide, reclining chairs, luggage storage, etc.

How much spending money should I bring?
Our programs are all inclusive so you don’t need any money for the trips. However, we recommend that participants bring approximately $10-20 for souvenirs and other optional expenses.

What should I pack?
See packing list.

How many bags can be brought on tour?
You are responsible for carrying your own luggage. As such we recommend packing light. The airlines allow one checked bag of no more than fifty pounds plus one carry-on bag. We strongly recommend that this carry on bag be a backpack that you can use every day while on tour.

How do I call home?
All of the hotels will have a guest computer for students to call home via Skype (an online video call service, free download here) or send emails. Outside of that, prepaid phone cards are the next best option. These phone cards are best purchased in Costa Rica to ensure that they are a type that works with the phone system. Certainly not all cards do, even those that claim “World Access”.

Is medical insurance part of my trip package?
Yes! As U.S.-based health insurance often does not cover healthcare abroad, we provide our travelers with comprehensive coverage during their time in Costa Rica.

Where can I download a medical release form?
All necessary forms can be downloaded from the “Forms” section on the Teachers/Administrators and Parents/Students pages. Or, they can simply be downloaded by clicking here.

Are your trips more expensive because of everything you offer?
Considering our trips are truly all inclusive, our programs are quite a value. If you shop around and find similar looking programs that are less expensive we guarantee that upon closer examination you will discover the reason. They either have many parts or "options" that are available for an increased cost, or they offer fewer activities or substandard services (i.e. hotels, food, guides, buses, etc.) A lot of “sightseeing time” is one way to make an empty itinerary look full. Our programs are jam-packed with hands-on science and cultural immersion activities with written curriculum and teaching modules we designed to make the most out of this once in a lifetime student experience. We are confident in our program and believe once you go you will find it to be a bargain.

What if I need to cancel my trip or substitute someone in my place?
There are a couple of possible solutions but they are very dependent on how far out from the departure date you are. If a participant drops out at least 90 days before departure, a refund of all payments (besides the non-refundable $250 deposit) is provided. There is a sliding refund schedule that we follow the closer to the departure date you are. Details can be found in our Terms and Conditions. Additionally it is sometimes a good solution to have someone take the participant’s place. If this happens and you have someone available to take your place, please notify Scholastic Expeditions and your trip leader. Scholastic Expeditions will then work out the particulars with the individuals in question. Finally, if this is a big concern, we recommend purchasing travel insurance that would cover the costs if a participant had to cancel suddenly for covered reasons such as illness, etc. This coverage can also be upgraded to include a “cancel for any reason” policy, if you feel you might change your mind about traveling close to the departure date.

How do I make payments for my trip?
It’s easy! Currently we have two options for payments.

1) Write a personal check or money order made out to Scholastic Expeditions and mail to 5610 Scotts Valley Drive Suite 313, Scotts Valley, CA 95066.

2) Log in to your Scholastic Expeditions account by clicking “Manage your account” at the upper-right hand corner of the screen. Here you can check your payment status and/or make a credit card payment online.

Although we will happily work out a payment schedule with you should you desire, please keep in mind that the total trip cost is due in full no later than 90 days prior to departure. This ensures we can provide the best accommodations at the best rates for all our travelers.


What does the price of a trip include?
Everything! Our programs are all inclusive: all air, transportation, hotel accommodations, three meals per day, entrance fees, top‐notch educational guides, etc. We believe that having an all-inclusive program provides security and ease of planning. If desired, travelers may bring some spending money to purchase souvenirs, sodas, and the occasional treat. We find that between $10 and $20 per day is more than enough.

What if I have more questions?
Just ask of course! Call us at (831) 440-1041 or email us anytime at We will be happy to assist you in any way.