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Channel Islands Marine Program

Join for a Scientific Adventure at Sea!


5 Days / 4 NIghts



Explore the Santa Barbara Channel Islands with us and discover the beauty of the region, sometimes referred to as the “American Galapagos”.  Students will learn about this biodiversity hotspot, and apply that knowledge in an experiment that they design! 


You get up close and personal with the diverse marine life of the region. Study every organism from the massive humpback whale to the tiniest of microscopic plankton. What you discover in your research will become part of an experiment that you design, giving you and your classmates a chance to work together in a real field science setting. Your scientific exploration into subjects like marine biology, oceanography, zooolgy, and island ecology is combined with fun activities like snorkeling and kayaking to make this a truly unforgettable adventure.


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Marine Biology Curriculum:


·      Snorkeling (fish ID, fish survey)

·      Tide Pool Investigation (invertebrate ID)

·      Oceanography (water quality testing)

·      Microbiology (plankton day/night, near-shore/offshore tow and ID)

·      Marine Mammal Survey (whale watching, sea lions, etc.)

·      Habitat Survey (sandy shore, rocky beach, kelp forest, etc.)

·      Research/Experimental Design






























·      Scott Simon, UC Santa Barbara Marine Science Instructor

·      A team of graduate student assistants

·      An NOAA naturalist on board at all times




Recreational Activities:


·      Observe wildlife such as foxes and indigenous flora while hiking

·      Kayaking through famous painted sea caves

·      Snorkel through a kelp forest and secluded coves with seals, sea lions & dolphins

·      On-Board Entertainment









Trip Information:



1 night in UCSB dorms, 3 nights on Truth Aquatics Live-Aboard vessel


2019 Dates:


June 23rd - 27th

June 29th - July 3rd


July 8th -12th

July 16th -20th 

July 21st - 25th

July 26th - 30th


July 31st - August 4th

August 6th - 10th


Group size:

27 maximum



$1595 - includes train to UCSB

$1495 - for UCSB drop-off



Additional Travel Protection:


Scholastic Expeditions provides basic medical, dental and accidental insurance at no cost to the traveller. Travelers can however purchase additional travel protection.


For more information on cost and coverage, please download the information sheet.