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Meet the Team
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About Us

Scholastic Expeditions (SE) is an experiential learning company, headquartered in Scotts Valley, California.  SE offers Science, Technology, Engineering and Math experiential programs that amplify classroom learning and differentiate students for a successful college admissions process. In addition, adults who are curious about our world and embrace continuous learning find our programs enriching. Globalization pressures businesses to seek employees who have cross-cultural experience in other countries, and SE travel programs provide travelers with this type of opportunity.


Our mission is “to fuel expanding minds with a passion for culture, science and global citizenship with a commitment to conservation and sustaining resources for future generations.”


SE works with many leading universities and research centers globally including the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, University of Alaska and the Monterey Bay Aquarium to name a few. SE programs follow California and National curriculum based standards to specifically meet the educational needs of middle school, high school, and advanced placement students. Lesson plans allow us and our guides to tailor the learning experience to the exact educational level of students to create lasting learning experiences.


SE offers programs globally to travelers in the US - Costa Rica and Panama to study conservation, bio-diversity and habitat management, Cuba to study eco-farming and culture to Channel Islands to study marine biology, island ecology and environmental policy. International students sign up to programs that help explore innovation in Silicon Valley to studying entertainment and arts in Hollywood! Each program is taught within the contexts of both local and global ecosystems, connecting biological, environmental, and socio-economic factors in each locale with a larger scale global impact. Our programs are all inclusive with security of our travelers as our first priority offering a traveling chaperone and a 24-hour emergency hotline.


Please join us in our efforts to change the world, one student’s mind at a time.


Meet the Team:
  • Susan Schai
    CEO - Founder
  • Susan Edgar-Lee
    Director of Curriculum Development
  • Heather Sikes
    Community Outreach
  • Nate Mori
    Business Development
  • Gabriel Hiroshi Tsuruta
    Instructor for SE’s Channel Islands Marine Program
  • Kira Akka-Seidel
    Program Outreach Coordinator
  • Ignacio (Nacho) Escorriola
    Director of Costa Rica Operations
  • Nora Frank
    Community Outreach
  • Jeanette Osborne
    Office Manager